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Happy new year...

I finnished The Hunger Games trilogy. Prim dies and Its Gales bomb that kills her. What was the point of Katniss volunteering as tribute to keep Prim alive if the auther was just gonna kill her off in the end anyway? I don't get it.... The over all series was pretty good though and I do get the concept. I hate that prim didn't make it though but the stupid cat does. Why does the cat like her after the sistert dies? I didn't get that either. Buttercup hated Katniss the whole book and then when Prim dies and He walks back to 12 and finds only Katniss, He decides to like her anyway. I like that her and Peeta ended up together though. It took her long enough to love him back. Maybe if she loved him from the start Snow wouldn't have tried so hard to kill her and everyone else. Also, The whole series was about trying to stop the hunger games.Because of how cruel and unfair they are. and then Coin, the leader of 13, plans to have a hunger games of the kids from the capitol. Why would that make anything better? She is just another version of Snow. I was happy when Katniss killed her instead of Snow because Snow was already dying as it was. The ending was bull shit but the rest of the books were okay. I was just dissapointed in the end result. It could have ended better than that. But thats just one persons  opinion.

On Thursday I got my wisdom teeth pulled. They still hurt five days later. Codeine, Norco, and Vicodine are the only things keeping me sane. The pain is more of a dull ache now but sometimes it hurts real bad. And It's only the left side. The right side doesn't hurt at all and tha side I got 2 pulled. I only got one pulled on the left. But I did have an infection on that side in my gums like a week or two before the surgery. and I swear I could actually feel the pain when he was removing that tooth. I don't think he numbed me enough on that side..  I wish I was numb now... I need a root canal on that same side on the tooth right infront of where the wisdom tooth was. I don't think I am going to do that until I have insurance and I can be knocked out. I don't want any more needles in my gums. it hurts too bad. Fuck that shit.

I have the best boyfriend in the world. He takes good care of me. He bought me tortilla soup last night because I really wanted it and because its easy on the mouth. He helps me with my medications. I cant break the pills in half because they are too small and my nails are too weak. so he does it for me. He bought me new work shoes!!!! And new socks and hand warmin things. He took me ice skating even though he really isn't that good at it and while I was skating he snuck off and bought me a hot chocolate which tasted amazing.  He goes out of his way to make me happy and I love him very much for it. He is the best boyfriend a girl could have. He is going to make an amazing husband one day and an even more amazing father when the time comes. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him. This year is the 9 year mark for us. we have known eachother that long. It's weird knowing he isn't the same person I met all those years ago. He is but he isn't. Back then he was the bad ass guy in my youth group and bible study class who rocked a pony tail. Always wore a trench coat and a hoody. Jeans and converse with a chain that hooked onto his pants that kept his wallet safe from the De Anza retards. He said weird random shit and called everyone Kyle in a weird accented voice. Now, he smokes hella weed, he has short hair, and facial hair! He still plays the drums, only better and he still says weird random shit in different accents. He still makes me laugh every day. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love him very much. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him :)



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