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its been an interesting year. In the past year, alot has happened. I got a job at starbucks, I moved in with my boyfriend, became an aunt, I got my learners permit, ive made new friends and lost a very dear person. I was hired on at starbucks on april 17th. Ive been with the company for a little over 6 months. In my time here I have learned a lot about coffee. Like for instance coffee is only good for a week after you open it. And it goes bad after a half hour after you brewed. A shot of esspresso is only good for ten seconds unless milk or a syrup is added before then. Or water if you are making an americano. Tea is good for a month though and it has more caffein in it. I have also learned a lot about people. You learn how to read body language from your customers and your co workers. You learn which people are in a hurry and which prople are coming to hang out. You learn whos two faced as well.
I sit in my lobby, 3 hours before I have to start work. I look around the store and take little mental notes. The condement bar is dirty and has been since I got here a half hour ago. They haven't had much business since I have been here so there is no need for the ten minute spins not to be done. The caraffes are still on the bar. The floor is dirty, It should be spot mopped and swept. The front door is dirty with the hand and finger prints from all the customers who dont like using the door handle. The windows are pretty dirty as well and I don't even know what the bathroom looks like. These are all things I am going to have to do when I clock on. And thats just based on the lobby. There is an even bigger list of things that I have to do before I get off at eight tonight.  I am on;y working 4 hours today, But I am going to get everything on my mental list done. I will talk to every customer who comes in the store. I will greet them when they open the door. I will help them buy coffee and sell the Thanksgiving blend. I will make drinks and laugh with the customers and their funny stories. Its durning that part of my day that reminds me why I am with this company. Its because of all the awesome people you meet while making their favorite drinks. Seeing the satisfaction in their eyes when they take that first sip and smile, its priceless.



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