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Nobody has heard from my sister Sarah Callaway in 22 days. She went to Mexico with her boyfriend Leif Lindstrom and hasn't been heard from since. Sarah wouldn't just dissapear off the map like that. Its weird that she wouldnt contact anyone over the course of a month. We contacted Leifs ex and she told us that they are stuck in mexico because sarah doesnt have a passport to ger back to the states. Also her cellphone was stolen, as was the one that had all of their pictures in it. So we have no proof that Sarah is okay or even alive for that matter. We have word that her and Leif got married and they are expecting. Leif is a dangerous person. He is addicted to perscription drugs and because of that he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disease. As long as he stays on his meds he is fine. He isn't all there in the head and Sarah is in Danger. We believe that he has done something to our dear Sarah. He could be a threat to her and us. I don't know why he picked her. They met on a train in september and have been together ever since. I do not trust this man. I fear he has done something terrible to my sister and if I find out he has I will kill him. I dont care about the consequences of murder. I will avenge my sister if anything is wrong with her. If this son of a bitch has hurt her or killed her or anything He will die very slowly and painfully. Sarah is a very modest and self respecting christian girl. She wouldnt have sex with just anyone, especially after only knowing them 2 months. The fact that she is "married and pregnant" now rises my red flags. the alarms are going off in my gut and my head big time. I WILL find them and when I do... He will be sent to the hell he deserves. all we have been told is from his ex and for all we know she is protecting him.



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